The Terminator franchise has been forever trademarked by its titular character - a cybernetic organism sent back through time to eliminate the human resistance before it becomes a threat. As plasma weapon technology quickly improved over the years, SKYNET managed to be able to coax more performance, effectiveness and damage from its plasma weapons by reducing the length and diameter of the plasma bolt, adjusting the velocity of the bolt and increasing the cyclic rate at which the plasma bolts were discharged. ... T-1000s are very vulnerable to plasma weapons. Thus, forcing Skynet R&D towards micronization of their larger scale phased plasma weapon around 2004. Think twice before gunning through them in close-quarter combat. Weapons – Makes your weapons stronger and allows you to use Skynet’s plasma weaponry, besides the ones that are given to you by NPCs. Not a rifle as such, but the plasma weapons from the HKs make pretty big explosions on impact and blew Reese’s comrade to bits in the flashback sequence. The Westinghouse 26-P was a phased plasma weapon developed by SKYNET and first deployed in 2009 in a timeline where Judgement Day took place in 1997. The principal antagonist SkyNET was responsible for the creation of the Terminators, but that's not the only weapon at its disposal.. RELATED: 10 Best Terminator References (Outside The Franchise) And the T-X used plasma weapons … The Westinghouse Model M-26P Phased Plasma Pistol was a weapon developed by Skynet's Machine Army. Terminators are tough but Plasma weaponry has shown to be able to kill them pretty quickly. yeah skynet's plasma weapons are no joke they effectively eclipse any projectile weapon a single person can use to the point a army equpied with these fighting a tradianl combined arms army. The Handheld PPG from Babylon 5 I watched B5 throughout high school, and it was a nice change from the domination of the Star Trek TV shows. (But you can only use if you have at least Weapon Skill 3.) Full upgrade doubles your critical damage. A common misconception is, also, that the machines are destroyed by the standard weapons. Don't think that will help here. Then there's the Skynet R95 Plasma, which does even more damage, has an even faster firing rate, and has unlimited clip size. It was commonly used to arm members of the Deus ex machina movement sent on infiltration missions as well as as being a common weapon of … As for the Terminators, these are T-820s, slightly more armoured than T-800s and has 1 V96 plasma weapon, which shoots violet plasma. There's a scene in the first Terminator movie where the Terminator visits a gun shop and among other firearms, asks for a "plasma rifle in the 40-watt range".Then, once he's told there's no such weapon at that shop, he asks for other (conventional) weapons. The new plasma-controlling weapon was dubbed the Pulsed Impulsive Kill Laser, or PIKL. Common weapons: Skynet had not yet developed the plasma technology - there are prototype plasma weapons supposedly, but they are not yet in wide usage by Skynet's footsoldiers. It is known that a sea-based long-range aerial drone engaged a Chinese destroyer with a plasma weapon. The Resitance used a variety of plasma weapons that don't seem any stronger then blasters. The results pleased SKYNET.