Twitter added that a tweet of BTS member Jungkook covering the song 'Never Not' by US musician Lauv in May was the second most retweeted tweet worldwide this … Right now, V and Jungkook are loving Lauv's "Never Not," so when they filmed a livestream together on May 5, they covered it for fun. This video of BTS' Jungkook singing Lauv's "Never Not" has ARMYs freaking out, because the singer has put his ink on full display. BTS shares Jungkook cover of Lauv’s 'Never Not' and ARMY swoon over his voice and tattoos. In the video, Jungkook can be seen sitting on a bed and beautifully singing the ballad, the closing track of Lauv’s I met you when I was 18. The latest video of Jungkook has fans absolutely swooning thanks to an unexpected cover of Lauv’s ‘Never Not’. (the playlist) project. Never Not Lyrics: We were so beautiful / We were so tragic / No other magic could ever compare / Lost myself, seventeen / Then you came, found … The voice of the transparent Jungkook is wonderful! On May 3, Jungkook took to BTS’s official Twitter account to gift fans with a video of himself singing Lauv’s “Never Not The 23-year-old singer posted an instrumental version of 'Never Not' track from musician Lauv while comfy in his pajamas. Lauv’s “Never Not” was gently sung. Last year in 2019, the very popular boy band, collaborated with this American songwriter as well as a singer on a special remix of their B-side called Make It Right. Jungkook added to the amusement factor by comically messing the words up near the end and then decided to abort his attempt after a minute-and-a-half of lovely and sincere vocals. As soon as he put a video on Twitter, it went viral and loved by one and all. A video was shared by the official channel of BTS on their social media handles on Saturday which features Jungkook covering Lauv's 'Never Not'. It may be difficult to articulate but Jungkook … You can check out his cover of Lauv's 'Never Not' by clicking here. - Sponsored - Whenever BTS members share video clips, songs, pictures or Vlogs, the BTS ARMY let the world know how much they love their favourite idols’ work. Jungkook took to the Twitter account of BTS and sang the cover of Never Not by Lauv! Jungkook was singing in a relaxed state, but the tattoo on his arm, which can be seen from his short sleeves, attracted a lot of attention. Here are some of his fans' reactions By Priyanka Sundar Updated On : 16:43 PST, May 2, 2020. BTS’s Jungkook showed off his beautiful voice in an unexpected cover!. A few days back, the 22-year old singer shared a cover of the title “Never Not” by Lauv.

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