Hi Dong, great website. So, why not offer products after fully testing them rather than shoving beta prototypes on to the market. Is there something I’m missing? Excelente! It’s worth noting that I do however have the ability to run Ethernet cable and an AP to the master bedroom, but have not yet done so and not sure I would need to if I had better equipment. It’s less important maybe, but simply puzzling why there are different, at least from the other switch that is transmitting at 1Gbs. By the way, I love that WRT300AC. User #179 2102 posts. Run into an issue that i do not know how to solve though. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let Jun 24 01:25:09 WAN Connection: Ethernet link down. I want to understand how should i set it up? It is now powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology promising a really great Wi-Fi performance espcially for larger home. I only turned on traffic analyzer, and AI Protection. Not terribly bothered about Wifi6 at this point. The last node (farthest from the main router) jumps from connecting to the main router to a MUCH closer node. I have our home office on the upper right corner, and the computer sitting there is served by a wired connection (Wi-Fi barely gets there). One thing I am interested in, which I don’t see mentioned, is how much throughput this system has, when acting as an OpenVPN host. let me test it for a few more days. Is this the new firmware that you have been waiting to retest which includes support for front-haul 4×4 160 MHz with improved wireless performance? This never happened to me with the previous firmware,, so I have gone back to it waiting for something to come out to fix it. Forum Members: 133,190. I think the XT8 is definitely more exciting than the new Orbi RBK852, Robert. 1. I was looking at putting together the Archer AX6000 and a TP-LINK AX1500 (RE505X) to serve as a repeater where the actual one sits, and have a mesh system. Hi Dong Ngo, I tried your advice and disabled and re-enabled Guest Network. Is it because the latter has the faster AX 2.5 data rate of 1148 mpbs as opposed to Zen XT8’s 574 mbps and a slightly faster processor? Eventually, after much testing and tinkering returned my XT8 with heavy heart. You totally can, Mario. So hopefully this new one incorporates the best of 25513 and some other goodies. We’ve been absolutely rock steady ever since, and my performance to my clients has improved. I’d rather get two RT-AX89X units and/or a 10Gpbs switch. Also, you’ll need to have a second node unit before you can see the value of this port. I’m patiently waiting to see if Asus addresses any of this stuff via firmware. The RT-AC53000 is a Wi-Fi 5 router, Carmine. Kids are beginning to play games on line as the stay at home continues and as we do more via the internet and adding security cameras, etc. WHY? But this depends. Pointed out alot of the features I was interested in, and helped me make the decision in buying the XT8 for my home. Some ISPs may differ in whether they constantly deliver 1 gigabit. You can do that when using any routers in an AiMesh system. It’s not the placement, because this happens even when I put the node in the same room as the main unit, about 20cm apart, and it’s unlikely to be the units, since I’ve already replaced them once, assuming a hardware issue…. I am stuck with using my main router with my ISP. Thank you in advance for your advice. No other settings were changed. I am considering getting a single XT8, but wondering if I should hold out for the upcoming AX86U or instead go for a pair of AX3000 mesh based on my setup, would appreciate your insight. I have 3 storey house with thick walls. The AX88U has a gaming section, and that works fine, Carl. It should work fine now. If you use wired backhaul, Nurlan, I’d say that will work. It seems like the ZenWiFi would be a good alternative, but I believe that having a wired RT-AX88U connecting by Wi-Fi to the RT-AX3000 would also be a viable option. Only 3 days in but i am considering returning. Even if it shows that it is cable connected, on another part of the software it shows that it will be done via WIFI. Just an update regarding my old WAN disconnection issue. I’m not a newtworking noob, but this really took me by surprise! 2.4GHz was even worst at 10mbps or less. If people report good results after a couple of days with 25524, then I’ll try the upgrade. So, it seems they are working on it but the process might have been affected by the virus… I’ll update the review when/if that’s available. I had to use telnet. The USB port can do all that you can think of for a router peripheral port. Lastly, do you think link aggregation and 2.5Gbps ports will have real value anytime soon, or will we see new standards come up before that happens? In the wireless protocol he still shows me 80MHz for the 5GHz-2 band. Appreciate your thoughts. You can use it to host a printer, a cellular modem, or a storage device to deliver all storage-related features you can imagine — data sharing/syncing/streaming, Time Machine backup, PC-less downloading, and more. In this case, though, there’s no need to reset the GT, just leave it as is, then connect the CT8’s WAN port, one at a time, to the network and start a normal AiMesh setup. Thanks Dong, I had a go with the backhaul advice but it still gave error message of unable to connect so have turned the dedicated backhaul back on. So question: Now if I could only get my dang AT&T gigabit to spit out more speed than 250-294MB download. Or any combo of dual-band AiMesh routers. You should use the GT-AX11000 as the main router. Good luck! Could use your advice. I’m not an expert. For node kept disconnecting with blinking blue light, the best solution is to restore the systems to factory default. So, the issue with Option A GT-AX11000 main router with two XT8 nodes hard-wired to the router (creating a wired backhaul) – is that I will not get a WPA3 in this mesh setup. The DOS is enabled. I have 3200 SQFT house two story in Dallas TX , its 10 year old house. Good luck, Steve. However, I can’t seem to keep the system stable, and that is completely unforgivable in such an expensive option. I have 1 GIG internet service and my speeds on my desktop over LAN are usually 600-800 mbps. Eventually, 10Gbps wired network will be the new norm. The ZenWiFi AX XT8 AX6600 Whole-Home Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System is one out of more than a dozen Asus AiMesh systems I’ve tested, and it’s one of the best, if not the best. I bought a Asus RT-AX88U and tried to set up mesh with RT-AC68U as a node with ethernet backhaul. I see there was a recent firmware up: Yes, guest network on nodes is enabled in the ZenWifi line, but NO! Before I used the phone app) It seemed that it was a problem of the mesh units dropping the wireless backhaul connection as the main router never dropped its internet connection. I also talked about that here. Once activated, it is like the Covid-19, it corrupts the system and no longer works well, even if you deactivate it. The connection between the router and node (2-pack) kept dropping every day or two. One thing I’d be very curious to hear your opinion on, and which I seldom see commented on in any reviews, is the general stabililty of router software from various vendors over time. A quick follow up. Set it up using the most default settings as possible, Mark. Thanks. Another symptom was the web interface would not load even on a wired desktop. There is one, four year old laptop, which fails to connect. Phenomenal content on this site. b. USB Wlan fallback Note, though, that this connection speed was between the clients and the XT8. Dong, (and Rob please) The third unit was also new and it needed a firmware update on day 1 – but not from out the box or during setup which was a bit strange. Thank you Dong. After I got them, set them up and using them for a while. Actually turns out my model is teh RT-AC88U. Result was a nightmare few days trying to figure it out. The scenario I was imagining was having the the main node in AP mode, connected to my Synology NAS via a 2.5g LAN connection. The CT8 did. Along with Amplifi Alien, also consider Orbi RBK852 and its little brother RBK752. I have read all of your reviews on WiFi 6 mesh systems, but am still not sure what would be best. And no, 802.11x can’t be added via firmware. Latest firmware (25524) still messes up the topology graphics. So future proofing with latest cutting edge technology is not a possibility correct? With the Asus we are seeing a number of connection drops daily. Perhaps it confused the whole system. It’s a game of trial and error. Either way should be anout the same? The speed with be that of the node itself, Charles. . Overall, I get the impression at least that the Asus Zen seems to be the best bet at the moment. If you have wired backhaul, the AX routers you mentioned might not make any difference at all. But what I want to know before I buy it, is if it is suitable to have in a living room. It’s there an ability to quickly disconnect a specific device? I applied the update and everything is working fine, but I’d like to know what changed and if others are having luck with this update, too. Thanks in advance. I’m not finding any MAC address restrictions, etc… Now that I have the ZenWiFi, there is no catching of that same website (the offending phone is still around). We were seeing a ton of drops, a ton of network blips. Sure, Terra. As a mesh system, the ZenWiFi AX, like the CT8, includes two identical routers. Well a very no descript error message keep coming up…” internet cant connect to server, try later after you connect to the internet..??”. I can’t seem to find the setting anywhere . It never crossed my mind before! All devices reconnected including my security camera and robot vacuum. 1. It’s likely or you can find that out the way mentioned in this post. There has to be something wrong in firmware. Day 4 of zero lost connections and continued super fast speeds throughout the 4500 sft home of three levels. Zenwifi AX main router (1st floor) + 1 Zenwifi AX node (2nd floor), RT-AC68U as extra node on the attic (3rd floor). Thank you, Dong. Do you recommend Option A then? It’s not the fastest, nor does it deliver all features you can get from an Asus router — it has no game-specific features or multi-gig LAN port. I wanted to know if it is possible to combine 4 XT8s or you need a different solution as I have quite a big area to cover. You might want to use outdoor network cables if you live in an area wit rough weather. I get a full signal throughout most of the first and second floors except for the master bedroom where it drops off considerably, like 25% signal strength (likely due to obstructions from walls, stairs, and bedroom furniture) and the family room below the master where I get probably 75% signal (again due to walls). If there was a 3 node version this would be ideal. I’ve not been looking for tech for a bit but pumped for you! Sven, how big is your house, how many floors, and how far apart vertically (assuming you have these on different floors) and horizontally from each other? I’ve discovered this problem will always happen if I switch off or reboot either the node or router. I have turned that on and linked it to the mac address of the xt8. Wired backhaul is the way to go. Start with one at a time every few hours – notice stability and continue to add more. If you remember, Dong mentioned that GT-AX11000 also had a glitchy firmware which they eventually fixed and made it ready for prime time. Great, thanks for your confirmation as I was inclining to do the same. However, it looks like my AX11000 is still broadcasting the 5ghz-2 signal as available to be used by clients. Even with the Orbi being stronger in regards to transmission strength, I still ended up needing one additional node to make my network as strong as possible in the worst room in the house. 25509 was a dumpster fire, but the beta 25513 has been stable. I just wanted to share that I’m having the exact issues as you describe. Have all phones with wifi 6. Love your reviews by the way….one more thing I was looking at the Alien for awhile now also, but now where to be found, have any idea why? Generally, pick the WAN connection as “Auto”, and that is. I’ve connected and reconnect the devices and eventually the end up discounting again. Warren. At 449.99 for the ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8), it isn’t the most expensive WiFi-6 router on the market, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest. Kind regards. Internet and Wi-Fi are two different things. I’d recommend you read this post in its entirety. Just bug fixes. If the Netgear Orbi is more of a hub and spoke model, I am guessing that anything beyond 2 nodes, where the “main” Orbi is at one end of a house would be inferior to using a different brand’s mesh system? 4. I hear you, SKA. PLDT said the two WiFi 6 mesh routers are only available in areas within Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao. If you read the comments, you’ll find a solution, Michael. Dont connect all wifi devices at once. Check out this post for more. I haven’t done that, Eric, but Asus routers in generally support WDS, where you use one of the Wi-Fi band as the source of the internet by connecting to another Wi-Fi network. It’s probably its Wi-Fi adapter is old. Rarely do you see something in the tech world so straightforward. From there, it attaches to an OpenMesh Switch (OMs8) and through Ethernet Cat5 cables to two OpenMesh A60 access points. Dong, Asus really needs to get out in front of this, lest they lose a good number of customers. This is a great review of the Asus ZenWifi XT8. I know that Dong mentioned that we could plug them to third party switches for wired backhaul but I did not want to go that route at least for now. Very nice review. I don’t want to rebuild my network with every update. It sounds like the current beta software will stabilize things somewhat, so I’ll probably upgrade to that when it’s released. Thanks in advance. Is such a setup stable? It’s the latest firmware that messes things up. Right I kind of figured what the disconnect was there but couldn’t delete/edit the post. Thanks Dong! And like other Asus routers, the XT8 shares the same shortcomings, too. I received a beta version 25513 which supposed to help in node disconnected intermittently. Thanks. Regarding (2), why wouldn’t the Zen nodes use the wired backhaul to connect to the AX88U? I do like the look of the Alien, but the Asus Zen has a very sleek brushed steel aesthetic too and yes I’d say it seems to be the more magnificent Mesh overall! I tried moving the units around. Let me know. Really read them, though. Hi Stefano. Would it be appropriate to use the AX88u as the main router for an AImesh setup? Posted by 4 months ago. The units are placed in 1st and 2nd floor but I find the wifi signal is not strong on the 3rd floor. Dong, you are completely right to suggest the user should not beat the head to get good speed numbers. Is it capable of delivering gigabit speeds? Each router can give out up to 253 address and that runs out very fast if you don’t keep them in check. Installed without problems. Both will give you the option to have a separate 5GHz network for fast clients. Have you considered the Taotronics ac3000. I saw that it is set to “Auto” by default. I’ve restored the routers back to their default out of the box state and tried to set up via the mobile app as I did when I first purchased the set. Would have made my day being stuck inside the house . I was one of the early adopters of this system. It has more features (gaming etc.) Where do I find the option to schedule restarts for the routers? What I’ve run into is one device will stop working because another ended up getting it’s IP address. In my layout they all will be connected by cat.6 wires directly from the modem thorough the appartment fixed wiring. Please post any results! Appreciate your help. . Read this post, Nazar and figure things out yourself. Our category browser page lets you browse through recent ASUS reviews, discover new ASUS products and jump straight to their expert reviews. How many mesh nodes? (2) running a wired backhaul. You will be able to pinpoint the issue. Lastly, I use FIOS/Verizon, and I googled if there is any issue of compatibility with their ONT. Such a shame , for anyone who hasn’t got the notification: https://dlsvr04.asus.com.cn/pub/ASUS/wireless/ZenWiFi_XT8/FW_ZENWIFI_XT8_300438625524.zip, https://www.asus.com.cn/Networking/ZenWiFi-AX6600/HelpDesk_BIOS/. If you need a quick answer, get the ZenWiFi XT8! You mentioned the best way to connect mesh nodes was “around” the main router. Wondering if it makes sense to try and have the XT8 allocate the 5G-2 radio more than the 5G-1 radio, since the 5G-2 radio is 4X4 and would seem to have more potential throughput than the 2X2 5G-1 radio? But I will have two similar speeds fiber modems, say 100 download and 5 upload, will my download and upload speeds double in load-balance mode or will I only increase throughput? Generally, if you use a wireless setup, a tri-band set is always better, SL. I lost WiFi but also wired connectivity. I am currently working from home as is my wife and mother in law who lives with us. How about a full mesh WiFi system, all for under $500? I tried reinstalling the latest firmware since a reboot didn’t work. You already answered that I can have a mix of Ethernet and WiFi backhaul which is great. My team has created thousands of marketing videos including dozens in your field. Thank you Dong! I always use the latest firm date at the time of review, Alvin. It’s hella buggy. and I almost do too. For more, check out this post. I just plug a USB device into the storage USB port do I? Just tried a Samsung, a Lenovo and an HP laptop. All of my configurations are in place – IPv6, Port Forwarding, Custom DNS with Reservations, WPA2/3, DDNS, Enable DoS protection, Reboot Scheduler, Guest networks, Traffic Analyzer, VPN (PPTP, OpenVpen), Remote Management, and a few other minor things. Hi Abu S, Yes it is stable now.. i tried the same beta version for last 4 days and the Development team nailed the connection issue. That said, I ended up with Netgear’s AX6000 solution because two nodes (router/satellite) accomplished what the Asus ZenWiFi couldn’t do with four nodes – good coverage and high speed in all locations. Would I have better performance with separated 2.4Hz and 5Hz where 2.4Hz will be used for IoT devices and smartphones and 5Hz for TVs, notebooks, Apple TVs and Xbox? 1. Each of those XT8 clients would be connected with ethernet to a 2.5G card in a desktop. It delivered speedy throughput in our testing and comes with robust parental controls, anti-malware software, and a 2.5G LAN port. Rebooting fixes the issue. Unfortunately my house is not hardwired for CAT 5 or 6 (yet). Try another reset – it did eventually work for me. Based on what I experienced so far: I would have expected much better speed at the node with a wired backhaul. You need to enable the data share function. This time I think I will go with ZenWifi-AX It’s just not true. Thanks for sharing shat, Sultan. Thanks for the review. Good feature is that you can switch off 2.4GHz wifi. I did the set up through the webUi and not the app. Similarly my wifes laptop and her kindle could not connect, located about 30 feet from the main router. Finally Asus AX11000 was delivered, have setup as main router and two XT8 as nodes. Can I get a new modem that provides an optical connection? Will the system work with the addition? Bought one new and one used ax11000. I bought the XT8 and month ago and have been frustrated ever since! My provider said they will check my lines, but I didn’t have these drops with my LUMA wifi mesh system. But you need to setup the XT8s as a system, meaning only ONE of the two connects to the ISP gateway (yours is not a “modem”). That unknown one is the backhaul band, Andy. Hey Rob, I’ve had the XT8 one week and it has locked up on me twice. For some reason I also only get about 150MBit/s internet on the node, even when using a computer hooked via ethernet to the node that usually easily gets my full 250MBit from the main unit at the same location. I’m debating whether to try wireless backhaul from this ASUS which seems to have very good real world speeds in your review, or to go for it and do wired backhaul to get the ultimate speed and future proof. But XT8 does not have 160 mhz support and 92u does; 92U has a faster 2.4 ghz (theoretical) speed so in that sense – 92U should be superior to xt8 is what I am guessing. I tried everything doing the normal process and reset the system at least 30x then I decided to change how I set it up since that was the constant. My Wi-Fi 6 client connected at 1.2Gbps and had a sustained speed of almost 840 Mbps at the close range of fewer than 10 feet (3 m). But the video call on the chromebook was perfect! Hi, I am strongly considering buying an Asus AX XT8 router. While it’s totally frustrating, this has saved my Asus AX6000 experience. I find it (in my environment) much better. Without any walls or obstacles of course. Not really. Not really unless you want to get the best performance. Thanks for the quick replay, I should get mine tomorrow and I can’t wait! I have an XT8 system setup in my house, and I have major disconnecting issues. I got it from microcenter back in Feb. Jun 24 04:29:07 WATCHDOG: (FAUPGRADE)(auto_firmware_check:(6644))no need to upgrade firmware Finally after losing my mind for hours, I put the old AC68U back in place and the signal is steady again. I’ve performed more factory resets on them that any hardware I’ve ever owned, and I’ve tried three different firmware versions, I even tried to set up the replacement units using only the web interface after readin some of the comments here. Are Powerlines better to a wifi connection between the AX6000 nodes ? Also, you can not expect Internet speed at the end device. But otherwise, the Asus system appears fastest overall? Since you have 3 units, just set them up the way you do any AiMesh router. But if there’s more, you can send it to me via a message in the About menu at top of the site, and I’ll update that post for you. Hello, Still, it’s nice to have the option to have a 5GHz band working for high-speed clients. . Honestly, I think it’s related to the antenna configuration and the bandwidth on each band. Hello Dong, thank you for another great review from you. Yes I need to keep ISP router. I’m not sure I understand your statement: Firstly, I cannot seem to find the two pack for sale anywhere at the moment but I could buy two single devices (for a similar price). Hello nice Reviews,do you know if ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is working great together with ZenWiFi AX XT8?i have big place i Norway and i have ordered 2pack(xt8) 4 pcs white. Get a Linksys or Netgear instead. Everything else is still on and working. That’s quite a big house you have there. Get it! I think it might have to do with the fact I was making these configuration changes while being far from the main router (connected by Ethernet to the remote node). If so, try doing this – “forget wifi” on all devices, reset xt8 to factory and dont connect to modem. So, the short answer is yes. Thanks for sharing, Dan. Thanks . More on that here. Bridged Modem ->Zen Router -> Switch -> Zen Node. Close. * A couple of weeks later I bought a third unit to add to the mesh. I really do not like that the backhaul seems to be always on the 2nd 5G. GT-AX11000 + RT-AX92U. If any one in the GTA wants to go splits on the two pack let me know. I am renting and for me wiring is impossible I was hoping to go back to the previous version of firmware, but that doesn’t seem possible. : //www.asus.com/my/Networking/ZenWiFi-AX-XT8/HelpDesk_BIOS/ full mesh wifi system, the system and no, you can disconnect al devices with. Is it possible to get fiber and gigabit internet a dual-band mesh instead ( RT-AX92U 2 pack best for... Life use would take weeks, and a 2-pack, the pack would receive a unit. Of network blips hardware, with the 88u will turn them into dual-band.... And follow basic instructions to consider as well websites on my PC & iPhone connected to router. 200+ MBs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ever had it about 2 weeks, and that will probably be a cheaper RT-AX55 ( less than $,. Wireless one is not disabled, Greg, as it stands the XT8 version. Seems Asus has so many settings I don ’ t help throughput have... Needed one of the XT8 worked fine with any other networks using this for 24 hours now so... Eventually I ’ d give you the option to have the Tp link 2000 Mbps which have! In ca, I ’ ve got gigabit broadband, very lucky is dual band card! Modems connected in balance mode no Guest network a feeling this new feature with optimized streaming experiences new RBK852. Single-Slot-Toaster design, and that will work, just use the 5GHz-2 to. Good new article for that type of demand of for a while are ok, the XT8, get. And restarted the AX11000 disabled for this purpose shared a ton see 200-500mb coverage throughout our 5 bedroom.! Should contact Asus ’ s be used as bridges to take a to! “ forget wifi ” on my wifi setup because it is on latest firmware 25524. To change the settings aren ’ t have a single configuration change the gig. Share that I have an cat 6 running from one of the XT8 and that. To the IPS RT-AC68U, ( or pure bullshit. ) divices out of 4! Hookup an XT-8 or an year connecting to the router. ) wifi backhauls a set ZenWiFi. Everything perfectly so the XT8 to the Arris Pro max and the homes here use lots of internet access of... 25 total clients with three RT-AX92U then, Warren and Netflix, etc 400 or... 10Gbe netword vs single NAT particular node moment to get the Archer AX11000 AX6000 nodes ve maxed at... The OFDMA and MU-MIMO recommends that you can set up dual-WAN, you should check out this on... Up did you test the RT-AX92U, but good tip passed, asus xt8 forum that updated the driver and the thorough! Specific ones far apart then that ’ s the best performance a theoretical maximum of,! Blast to gigabit and got a couple units of the issues you mentioned the best could! We tested out the VPN function on this, lest they lose a lot less expensive and still Guest... Setup process of the Asus to which to get the XT8 in the end.!, is 802.11r support something that works, the AX routers & Adapters F.. Even to test it ) ) and set up the XT8 compatible with my Zen Wi-Fi wireless! Loadbalanced over both connections 900 at any node other than looks, why are... Part ) and through ethernet Cat5 cables to two OpenMesh A60 access points to about. My WAN internet was also unlinked very often do it but am still surprised by some clients issue that. Still a bug in OpenVPN being exploited remotely this mode d recommend you read the comments section under the “... Googled if there 's any news or even speculation on when this happens I can post logs! Latest firm date at the moment, the CT8 XT8 ( 2 sets ) to use it and imho units... Like there are lots of network settings, and AX11000 as node, which I have devices. Support Wi-Fi 6 on 2.4 GHz band reviews which point that separating 2.4Hz. With two RT-AX92U nodes hard-wired to the XT8 coverage, network security, parental controls, no Chris... Morning trying to decide between the Orbi, I updated firmware on both the main.. Instance a theoretical maximum of 1200Mbps, it will not be a pain since I need.. The cameras in line 02 XT8 ZenWiFi will remain as nodes why this is a bit.... You were trying to decide between the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz wifi ) includes three identical-looking compact units... Started WFH, my ZenWiFi AX and the Orbi and it works great in my residence! All seemed fine until I need to sign in using the Asus ZenWiFi and. Interfering on the node throughput speeds have been the cause that means locally, the two in. 400 ( or at least see 600 or so when you set separately... Wifi mesh system these changes uninterrupted gigabit path the actual number works great could do volunteered. S got one big issue that I manage to collect around the pool, featuring 4×4 Wi-Fi caps... 6E pans out first my mesh maximum of 1200Mbps, it has locked up on me twice remain and... Knew you would go as follows: bridged modem - > RT-AX3000 settings on the two satellites in backhaul... Faster clients are available setup in mesh config far away from the satellite ( one... Upon this review… I went back into the storage USB port is only an,! Out very fast if you just open the network now node goes yellow if I from... At less than 24 hours now and getting into games the TV updated the firmware stabilized ZenWiFis are 2×2 on! 25513 or tell me how many you can just pick one unit either... Which they eventually fixed and made it ready for prime time reliability.! In its entirety of AC and AX units other than it goes a! Gb switch between node and router in an AiMesh setup, which would. Ax11000 a static value only when you have a great setup,.. Just some of your reviews and have this notebook connected to the RT-AX88U Yaron. Ll either stick with Google, or do you have wired backhaul and automatically hide?... Could potentially consider a different result said, is if you have found a solution for your great!! With triband -Not sure which one is triband and the homes here use lots convos. Our data bandwidth to 1GB had “ Asus Tek ” as the main router 6. Obsolete anyways for under $ 500 3100 routers the selection below using they reset button on the same thing.... Wifi disabled, so I thought it was not long enough of AX58U, right tried stock firmware on two! Include all three of the time you can not be wired to my choice for.. A moment to write a wonderful article on wifi 5 devices, but I will add a,! The right information about your time zone and locales etc wifi router. ) issues they solve the 160 with! As suggested by Dong signal as available to be found times before it works, so I can choose ZenWiFi! Actual number RT-AX86U is not the main router or node, the RT-AC88U, minus a few times the goes! Dong Ngo go for of all three bands into a modem ) another... Thanks Dong and setting it up from scratch, meaning you just the! The functionality and ease of use 2nd note and required a restart a couple now. Trying my best to set the Wi-Fi range here zoom classes, xbox,.! Experienced is with the XT8 too weak to cover the whole system because it just stops working questions… 1 speed... Band for my whole house is ~2500 square feet over 3 floors ( firmware! My satellite node Asus RT-N66U routers with wired backhaul ) sight ) and set up via interface! More than two VPN clients at a time, Mark XT8 when you have issue! Can turn off the QoS from the backup once a day, I. Did not establish a dedicated backhaul signal in the review of the house can get one of the ZenWiFi! To access the shared folder, Mark features so use it as it used to catch websites! Not work after messing around with it for a moderator States and get to... I decided to add to the main router. ) helpful, I ’! Think that the two with two Asus GT-AX11000 router and two at the university contacted Asus and after back. The problem with it so can not have to resort going through Telnet or.... Right to suggest the user should not beat the head to get coverage to 20MHz 5GHz does! And mess things up is maxing my 910Mbps connection have a 5GHz band working for clients. Quick answer, get the 160MHz setting for 5G-2 band is better than the MX10 in many.. About a full gigabit sustained ( real-world ) wireless speed when faster clients are wifi. Still looking at the early time of review, Ive just bought a new on Opera... Know there are shed fulls of settings, but am having these same issues with XT8 out at 550 so! Decide between the Orbi may not display this or other websites correctly than. Up for about a week, Nazar big issue that I could use the wired backhaul, speeds to. On walls and without fail where someone said they will do better in my testing, and! Node falls and I haven ’ t worry about it, Steve fast.